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Miriam Bernardo is an acclaimed singer, originally from Athens, VT. For the past 15 years she has sung with some of Vermont's most widely respected musicians. She played Persephone in Anais Mitchell's "Hadestown" touring with Anais, is lead singer in Michael Chorney's "Magic City", for the 10 piece Salsa band "Afinque", for the Rock Steady band Steady Betty and for the Latin folk band Amapola. She is the long standing artist in residence for UVM’s English, Music and Poly-Sci depts. singing music from the “Nueva Cancion” movement.  She has sung for Middlebury College Dance. Miriam has shared the stage with everyone from blues musician Seth Eames of The Eames Bros. Band to being soloist for The Montpelier Chamber Orchestra.  


Paul Gambil of Executive Director of 

The Montpelier Chamber Orchestra writes:

"Miriam is a Vermont treasure. She has that rare gift that only the most exciting performers possess—an ability to communicate with her voice in a way that makes every person in the audience feel like she is singing only for them.

Her style is her own. Unique and powerful. Miriam has developed a signature sound that has attracted artists from an impressively diverse range to want to work with her. And beyond her vocal prowess, she possesses an artistic spirit that is contagious and inspiring to both the audience and her co-performers. In my 30-year career, I have been lucky enough to work with some acclaimed vocalist from the jazz, folk, pop, gospel and classical worlds. I would certainly place Miriam in the top echelon of that list". 


Michael Chorney Composer, Band Leader, Singer Songwriter writes:

"What became immediately evident in working with Miriam was her ability to understand song as more than just a vocal performance. She approaches her work as an artist and does much more than interpret a song - she digs deep, understands its context and roots and then embodies that knowledge. This depth of engagement is heard in every note she sings.

We have worked on many projects since then: a tribute to jazz vocalist June Tyson in Magic City, the songs of Kurt Weill in Seven Deadly Sins, a celebration of the songs of Lhasa De Sela. In each instance Miriam brings her now trademark rigor and thorough preparedness and also her great gift of collaboration; of engaging with the music at hand with full presence, technique and heart. Miriam is an invaluable member of Vermont’s cultural community. She has the respect and admiration of her peers".


Dan Bolles Music Editor for Seven Days writes:

"While talking sound grammar with Ornette Coleman or minimalism with Philip Glass is undeniably thrilling, I derive the most pride and pleasure from covering the artists making music in our own back yard. And few Vermont musicians impress, surprise and delight as consistently as Miriam Bernardo.

My admiration for Miriam goes back more than a decade, to when we were both performers. I’ve long thought that the key to her brilliance is not just that she has a great voice — though she does. It’s Miriam’s versatility, humility and artistry that set her apart. She sings jazz with tones smoky, mysterious and seductive. She can front a rock band with swagger or break hearts singing acoustic duets. Just try to watch her salsa band and not hit the dance floor. She’s a born lead singer. But she takes as much joy in singing backup in a rocksteady band as she does standing in the spotlight.

In jazz circles, it’s said that the highest compliment that can be paid a singer is to be called a musician. Miriam’s voice is indeed an instrument, which she wields with incomparable grace and skill. Miriam Bernardo is a musician, an artist and a local treasure". 


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