Miriam's Resume


  2002 - "Songs and music of Paul Bowles"  -album/collaboration with Michael  Chorney "artsongs"


  2003 - Formed " 7 Deadly Sins" with Michael Chorney, a tribute band to Kurt Weil


  2004-2005 Cameo performances in the "Spielpalast Cabaret" lead by Terry  McCants and Lois Trombly


  2004 - performed the music of Paul Bowes for the young writers association at Breadloaf


 -Performance at Middlebury  College with Lisa  Gonzales a resident teacher and dancer at Middlebury, she choreographed dance to a live performance by Michael Chorney and I performing the Paul Bowles repertoire.



2004 - formed the band "Magic City" with Michael Chorney, performing the songs of SunRa  paying tribute to the singer in his Archestra, June Tyson.

 released 2 albums:

 - "June Book"

 - "Alive at Nectars"


- Magic City Participated in a 3 day workshop at Bennington College performing improvisational music for the summer dance program.


 The band performs presently and has since expanded to being a sextet.


  2005- started a duo with Jairo Sequiera performing songs of the "Nueva Cancion" movement of the 70's in Latin America. In 2006 we became a band named "Amapola"  and added 4 additional players, playing at many of Vermont's finest festivals and being a part of Montpelier's First Night festivities for 4 years.  Presently Jairo and I have returned to our duo roots and are now resident artists at UVM doing a yearly concert for students majoring in Political Science, Music, and English. The "Nueva Cancion" movement of the 70's was a very powerful time in music's history that is now being recognized, many artists of Latin America in that time were under strict dictatorship and in many cases "disappeared" or where blacklisted for their political views as was voiced in their music.


2005-2009  Bandleader to folkloric group  "Amapola"


2007 Performed as a Persephone in Anais Mitchel's Folk Opera Hadestown, 2 shows at the Barre Old Labor Hall and 2 Shows at the Vergennes Opera House.


2008 -Hadestown did a small tour through Vermont playing at some of the finest Halls and and performing centers including the Somerville theater in Boston MA.


2009  - Joined the Salsa Band "Afinque"  as lead singer, performing classic Salsa "Dura" of the late 60's and early 70's.  To date the 10 piece band plays all over the State infusing it with color and sultry vibrancy.


2009 - Paid Tribute to the Late Great Mercedes Sosa, I performed her music in venues all over Vermont, she was my inspiration in voice.  She was the voice of the "Nueva Cancion" movement and brought  to the world's attention many singers from Latin America, Violetta Para and Victor Jara to name a few.


2010-2011 - Lead singer for folk rock band "Foley Artist"with Michael Chorney, Seth Eames, Ralph Eames and Phil Carr. 


2011 - Headliner for Montpelier's First Night Celebration at City Hall.  I paid Homage to the Late Lhasa De Sela, a dear and powerful inspiration to me through her beautiful raw music. Songs sung in both English and Spanish with Michael Chorney's group "Holler General" as my backing band.


2012 - Formed a 6 piece all Woman Rock Steady group named "Steady Betty" that currently performs all over the State of Vermont and beyond.  Rock Steady is a genre of music originating in Jamaica in the late 50's through the mid 60's.  The music specializes in 3 and 4 part harmonies, it was the time period between Ska and Reggae.


2012 - Seth Eames and I formed the duo "Gravel and Honey" performing original music classified as "sweet mountain blues" we currently perform all over the State and will be releasing an EP next year.


2013  - Interviewed by Erica Heilman for her radio show "Rumblestrip VT" , in the interview I talk of my early life, inspirations, fears and general outlook of making music in Vermont.


2013-2014 Lead Singer in Brian Boyce's 20 piece Orchestra "Saturn Peoples Sound Collective"  performing at the Goddard Haybarn,  The Flynn Space and Metronome as part of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.


2014-Began "Songs for Miriam" project with producer/musician Peg Tassey 


2015 - Soloist for the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra June 4, 6, 7

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